Meet Our Practitioners

Steph Hunsley

Massage Therapist

My treatments include a combination of techniques:

Relaxation Massage and Biofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning is a unique non-medical therapeutic method that uses sound waves produced by tuning forks in the biomagnetic field that surrounds the body to induce deep relaxation.  It is a simple, non invasive and effective  method that can produce profound and powerful outcomes.

Young Living Essential Oils are also used.

$60 session

$40 Gold/Community card holders

$90 1.5 hour sessions

Contact me on 022 314 3390  

to make a booking or for any enquiries.

Stephanie A.jpeg

Stephanie Totman

 Holistic Facialist

I am a trained beauty therapist specialising in supporting women in their skin health.

Using ancient and modern modalities of massage that work with the lymphatic and the nervous systems to bring about relaxation and improved skin health.

Clinic days are

Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Call 022 397 4703 to book 

or go to


Jenny Allan

Myofascial Release 


I am a massage therapist, reflexologist and myofascial release practitioner.  I have been in practice for 20 years.


Having used Swedish massage techniques for both relaxation and therapeutic effects, my sole modality is now myofascial release.  It is not only as relaxing to receive as Swedish massage, it is therapeutically more effective at relieving pain and improving function.  One of the most comment benefits that clients report to me is improved sleep!

For more information about fascia and myofascial release, please see the tab on this website.

To book with me please phone, text or email.

Contact details are at the bottom of this page.

Alex Feasey

Massage Therapist

Susan Kitson

Massage Therapist

Yoga Teacher


After waking up paralysed 14 years ago, Suse used yoga to heal and this was of so much benefit to her that she then trained to teach yoga to others. Her journey has progressed from Iyengar yoga to Yin Yoga, and it’s in the practice of Yin that she really found her yoga heart. But yoga was not enough. Suse went on to train as a massage therapist, preferring Myofascial Release Massage, and also studying Microfascial unwinding (a technique which works with fascia at a deep and gentle level). This still wasn’t enough and she is now studying Classic Chinese Acupuncture. 

In her special 2 hour evening sessions she combines Yin Yoga, massage, microfascial unwinding, tuning forks and Sound to bring you a totally unique offerings.


Contact details: 0274194946


Yoga Timetable at Lotus

Mon 9am Yin Yoga

Mon 5.30pm Yin Yoga

Wed 9am Gentle Yoga

Wed 10.30am Rockit Board Yoga

Fri 9am Yin Yoga

$15 casual

$130 10 x concession pass

$10 zoom

Alan Blacktopp

Movement Integration

Alan is running Movement Integration classes on Tuesdays at The Lotus Centre. Click here for more information on his classes.

Hi I’m Alex Feasey. I specialise in a type of massage called myofascial release and therapeutic massage techniques.

I’ve been doing this for 3 years in my studio at the Wellness Sanctuary in Napier and am very pleased to also come onboard at the Lotus Centre working with my friend Jenny.

I believe that by encouraging the body to a deep relaxed state through massage can activate the healing process and allow for the body to return to its natural health and vitality. My aim is to assist people in removing limitations, relieving pain and increasing satisfaction, energy and freedom of movement.

I love my work and give an unhurried experience with a full hour of massage as well as a brief meeting with my client beforehand and after to access the effect of the treatment. Each session is tailored to the needs and preferences of the client.

Myofascial release is an effective technique that uses gentle sustained pressure to encourage the fascia (connective tissue) to release adhesions or restrictions (caused by trauma, inflammatory responses and/or surgical procedures) to eliminate pain and restore movement.

Therapeutic techniques include trigger point therapy (releasing referred pain) and spontaneous muscle release which positions the body into a place of comfort to allow a natural release of a tight or restricted muscle. I also use traditional Swedish massage and foot acupressure techniques.

To book please text Alex on 

027 337 3810