The Lotus Centre Open Day

Dru Yoga with Nafanua

The Lotus Centre Open Day last Sunday (20th March) was a HUGE success!

The day had several purposes and I reckon all three were not only achieved but surpassed my expectations! Aside from raising money for charity, the two other aims were to get people in the door of the new Lotus Centre and to attract other therapists and teachers who may want to hire spaces here in the future.

Six fabulous yoga teachers volunteered an hour or so of their time which meant that there were one or two yoga classes running from 9am to 3pm. Each class seemed to have an average of 10 participants so that's 60 people doing yoga throughout the day!

There were also massages on offer with a good 20 or so people receiving from half a dozen therapists.

Massage and yoga alike were offered for koha and the total money raised on the day was $500 and 40 cents! This money was given to the Hawke's Bay Breast Cancer Trust who offer great support locally.

Nafanua (in the photo above) will be starting a 6-week Dru yoga class here on Tuesday 3rd April (email Nafanua at to book).

I would like to thank the following people for selflessly donating their time and skills:

Michele Nysse, Chika Lindsay, Nafanua Kersel, Jean Cruickshank, Silke Whittaker, Rachel Chapman, Carly Sims, Mo Jonasen, Lucy Hudson, Moana Nepia and Steph Hunsley. None of it would have been possible without you.

A special thanks to Michele Nysse who's idea it was in the first place. She also wins the prize of going to the most yoga classes - she went to every class that was held in the Violet Room (starting with her laughter yoga class which kick-started the day).

Thanks of course to everyone who came, experienced and donated to the HBBCT. It was a great day and the energy here at the end of the day was a-ma-ZING! (And still is :)

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