McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release

Class Date/Time: 11th May, 9am - 5pm

Cost: AUD$275


Attention all Manual Therapists - McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR®) 1-Day Workshop Scar Tissue .… the most NEGLECTED of all bodywork skills <<<< YOUR NEXT MUST-DO WORKSHOP IS HERE >>>> McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release® (MSTR®) is an innovative and successful method of scar tissue treatment. It is easy to learn and easy to apply within any Bodywork or Manual Therapy modality. << EASY TO LEARN, EASY TO APPLY, GREAT OUTCOMES >> Cost AUD $275 Further inquiries: For more information or To Register: What’s covered in your one day class? The day is literally packed with information: Part 1: Learn all about - scar tissue, contraindications, indications, application timeframes, working with non-organic implants. Part 2: Function of the skin - wounds, formation of scar tissue, effects of scar tissue on the body. Part 3: Psychological and emotional impacts - Scars hold emotional trauma. Types of emotions bound up in scars. Why it’s the only procedure done on the day. Handling of client emotional release. Client outcomes post treatment. Part 4: Client handling - making clients aware of the implications of scar work, all scars are traumas. Client intake form – questions to ask. How to approach the scar. Format of typical scar tissue session – timings, post Rx care (especially emotional release). Follow-up Rx. Part 5: Features of work – pressure/tissue tolerance. Breakdown of how and why MSTR® is so effective (tissue specific/ multi-directional). Practical in-class demonstration. Part 6: Practical in-class demonstration / Hands on practice time. Assistance to master the technique Discuss participants reactions.

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