Microfascial Unwinding

Class Date/Time:

Sunday 14th February and Monday 15th February

Cost: $425

Bookings: https://mfrworkshops.com/mfr-training/workshop-registration/

Facilitator: Beth Beauchamp

Micro Fascial Unwinding is a whole new approach to working with fascia and connects deeply on a subtle level. The work invites practitioners to sense into the body, the tissues, stored memories and body consciousness in a profound way. Unlike MFR which works through the tissue layers superficially to deep, ‘from the outside, in’; with micro fascial unwinding (MFU) we will essentially be working from the ‘inside out’.

In each course we explore the mind body healing connection and fascia’s role in communication and storage of our life experiences. Recent evidence has confirmed that fascia holds the consciousness of our whole mind body experience, meaning that there is a ‘knowing’ or memory in the fascial web of everything that has ever happened to us. When we have an injury the body will often hold or restrict our movement of the area to protect us from experiencing pain or limit us from further injury. These stored memories become restrictions in the fascia and impact our ability to relax and move freely. Over time these protective patterns can create postural distortions, change how we move, alter how we use specific muscles and ultimately have a huge influence how our bodies function.

We will explore this concept of consciousness further by looking at how eastern medicine views the body with each area of the body having a much deeper and richer meaning. We have all heard the phrase ‘carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders.’ Shoulder consciousness is about carrying responsibilities or burdens. If we are experiencing shoulder pain it may be related to an imbalance in our life where we are trying to do too much or feel like we have to do it all. As we work each area of the body we will look at the consciousness of that area to provide further insight and healing potential for the client.

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